L-Aspartic acid

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L-Aspartic acid

Molecular formula: C4H7NO4 

Molecular weight: 133.10 

Properties: this product white crystal or crystalline powder 

Quality standard: AJ192, FCCIV, AJI97 

CAS NO: 56-84-8 



Purpose: L - aspartic acid is a kind of natural important amino acids. In medicine, mainly as heart disease medicine, liver function, promote agent, ammonia antidote, fatigue eliminating agent composition and amino acid infusion. Also can be used as biochemical reagents, culture medium and organic synthesis intermediates. In the food industry can be used as fresh agent, is efficient low thermal nutritional sweetener - day winter ammonia synthesis (APM) an important raw material, can be as a nutritional supplement, added to all kinds of cool and refreshing drinks. 

Packing: 25 KGS/carton. 

Storage: avoid light, dry place closed storage.