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Chinese name: taurine 

English name: Taurine 

Chemical name: 2 - taurine 

The physical and chemical properties: 

White crystal or needle crystal powder; Odourless, dissolved in water, insoluble in ethanol, ether and acetone. 

Properties and USES: 

Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acids, it is the structure of the unit, all other amino acids are the key components of bile acids and taurine exists in the mammalian central nervous system, bones, muscles, heart, muscle and in the eyes, it high concentrations in the brain and the heart muscle. 

The physiological functions of taurine is as follows: 

1, can inhibit nerve and mass transfer, to maintain the nerve cell membrane stability, prevent brain cells euphoria, so have to protect the brain and heart function. 

2, in the gallbladder, eyes, blood vessels have antioxidant and detoxifying effect. Such as: to help in the gallbladder through the bile acid generated taurocholic acid salt, help digest fats and absorb fat-soluble vitamins, elimination of cholesterol. Reason has protect liver, bravery, enhance the function of vision. 

3, taurine can help potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and zinc in the cells inside and outside sports, to make it a nerve impulse. Prevent potassium loss from the heart muscle. Purpose: 1, food: used as nutrition enhancer a. used for dairy products, infant food, cereal products, bean products, composite monosodium glutamate and fortified beverages (0.3 ~ 0.5 g/kg), milk beverage, pinocytosis (0.1 ~ 0.5 g/kg). B. it is especially applicable to those who were not breastfed baby and new mothers nutritional supplement (breast milk contains taurine 3.3 ~ 6.2 mg / 100 ml, only contains 0.7 mg / 100 ml) in milk. C. nutritional supplement is suitable for the knowledge workers, in the development of the brain intelligence and memory for (0.3 ~ 0.5 g/day). To not eat dairy products or eggs vegetarians can supplement taurine three times a day, every time 2 g, 6 g daily total. 2, medicine: a. can prevention and treatment of heart failure, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia (especially ischemic secondary arrhythmia), myocarditis, epilepsy, anticonvulsants, hypertension, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, gallbladder, fiber and failure symptoms. B. colds, fever, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and drug poisoning. 3, drinks: used for pet nutrition supplements because cats can't synthesis enough of the taurine from other amino acids in the body, therefore, taurine is the cat's essential amino acids, adding 0.2% taurine in cat food to sustain the growth, development and reproduction of cat. 


Store in a dry, clean shade. Shelf life of two years. 

Packaging and shipping: 

25 KGS/carton