Hydrolyzed collagen

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Hydrolyzed collagen

English name: 

Hydrolyzed animal protein 

CAS NO: 9000-70-8 

Detailed description: 

Hydrolyzed animal protein is a good source of protein, contains collagen necessary for human body, and has a similar amino acid composition and gelatin, because of its appropriate molecular weight, good solubility in water, easily absorbed by the body to use. So can promote cell growth, improve the human body functions, promote children's growth and development, known as "functional foods". Has become the domestic and foreign food, health food manufacturers preferred source of protein, are widely used in oral solution, milk, beverage, cosmetics, bodybuilding diet food, spices, bread, instant noodles, instant infusion of amino acids, special formula food, etc. 

Packing: 25 KGS/bag