Betaine hydrochloride

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Betaine hydrochloride

"English name" Betaine HCL 

[to learn] trimethylamine ethyl ester hydrochloride. 

【 molecular formula 】 C5Hl2NO2Cl 

【 molecular weight 】 153.6 l 

"Structured" [(CH3) + 3 nch2coo -] · HCl 

"Quality standard" standard content of the project: betaine hydrochloride, not less than 98.0%, shall not be greater than 100.5%; On ignition residue is not higher than 0.1%; Dry weight loss is not higher than 0.5%; Heavy metal is not higher than 10 PPM. 

"Melting point" of 227 ~ 228 ℃ (decomposition) 

【 work effect 】 

Betaine hydrochloride is a highly efficient, high quality, economical and widely used in livestock and poultry, aquaculture, food calling for long nutritional additives. Betaine is a kind of nutritional additive, it can be used in livestock and poultry, aquatic products, and various kinds of pet animal feed. Use and betaine hydrochloride salt to get betaine hydrochloride, sweet taste, its function is the same as betaine. Main use is as follows: 

L, methyl, as a methyl donor. Efficient methyl donor, can partly instead of methionine and choline chloride, reduce feed costs. Choline chloride and methionine in the body to provide methyl, and betaine hydrochloride methyl supply efficiency is 1.8 times of choline chloride 50%, 2.6 times that of methionine. 

2, participate in fat metabolism, promote the synthesis of protein. Betaine hydrochloride is added in the pig feed, can make the eye muscle area increase, reduce the average pig back fat thickness, increase lean meat and carcass quality. Add in the chicken feed, can improve the chicken carcass quality and quantity of chest muscle, reduce abdominal deposition, lower feed conversion ratio. 

3, with food calling activity. Betaine hydrochloride is a kind of quaternary ammonium type alkaloid, it can stimulate the animal's sense of smell and taste, promote animal feeding, feed the sweetness and utilization. Improving feed intake, daily gain, feed is the main lure aquatic feed ingredients. Fish, shellfish, ideal attractant, with strong fish smell of deception, greatly increase food intake, promote growth; Also can improve the feeding rate of piglets, promote its growth. 

4, betaine hydrochloride is order to osmotic pressure to the buffer material. When osmotic pressure catastrophe occurs, betaine hydrochloride can effectively prevent cell moisture loss, improve the function of the NA/K pump, improve the object for lack of water, high temperature, high salt and high permeability environment 

Tolerance, stability of enzyme activity and the function of biological macromolecules, which regulates the moisture of ion balance of intestinal tract, maintenance of intestinal function, slow down the occurrence of diarrhea. At the same time, betaine hydrochloride can enhance the survival rate of seedlings especially young shrimp, fish. 

5, synergy with the ball insect drug resistance, improve the curative effect. Ball insect drug resistance and compatibility of betaine hydrochloride can buffer effect to the ion balance changes, thus improve the nutrient absorption rate, promote the growth of poultry. 

6, protect the vitamin. Betaine hydrochloride does not destroy vitamin in feed, betaine hydrochloride in premix and concentrates on the stability of the VA, VB has certain protective effect, improve the use effect. 

7, the pharmaceutical industry raw materials, prevent liver disease. 

8, can be used in the acid deficiency, atherosclerosis and liver disease. Can increase the fat metabolism, inhibit fat deposition in the liver. 

9, is the important raw materials in veterinary medicine tirol cephalosporins. 

Buy a cool and dry storage method 】 【 avoid light place, valid for two years. 

Product specification 】 【 plastic bags of 25 kg bottled or cartons, can also according to user requirements.